When it comes to renting your Cape Cod property, it is important to do all that you can to make your property stand out. From choosing a quality Cape Cod property management company to preparing your rental property for guests, every little bit helps. The best Cape Cod vacation rentals are those that are the most appealing to visitors. If you want to make your Cape Cod rental property valuable for listing purposes, consider some of these inexpensive bathroom renovations that are sure to increase your property’s rental value.


Paint Color Makes All the Difference

There’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to make your Cape Cod bathroom from drab to fabulous. The bathroom is one of the most intimate places in a property. It is important to make the bathroom an inviting space that people feel comfortable using.

When deciding upon a color for your bathroom walls, think calming and soothing. It’s best to avoid the use of bright colors in the bathroom as it can overwhelm the space and make the user feel uncomfortable, rushed or “on edge”. No one wants to feel that way when they are using the bathroom. So, opt for calm colors. Think “spa-like”. Pale greens and blues, as well as soft beiges and whites, are perfect colors to add to your walls to create a new look without breaking the bank.

Install Attractive Hardware

It’s the little details that count when upgrading rentals on Cape Cod. When it comes to your bathroom, you don’t have to throw out the bath and the basin to get a new look. Something as simple as upgrading the hardware throughout the bathroom can make space seem like new!

Start with changing out the doorknobs on the bathroom door to a style that compliments yours over bathroom theme. Give your sink and a brand new look with new handles and pulls. If you are a bit more experienced in the realm of do-it-yourself, you can even change the sink to match the new faucet and handle hardware! Don’t forget to upgrade your bathroom cabinet hardware, as well as all the little details, are what tie your bathroom theme together.

Get Rid of Dim Lighting

When it comes to the bathroom, lighting is important. Oftentimes, you hold on to old lighting fixtures that are simply dating the overall look of your bathroom. If your current light fixtures are broken, yellow, cracked or simply do not work properly or provide the lighting that you desire, it’s time for an upgrade.


Get Creative!

The great part about renovating your bathroom is that you have plenty of room to make your space the way that you desire. Get creative! Your bathroom renovation is a project that allows you to express your own style while adding value to your Cape Cod rental. After you’ve painted the bathroom, why not add some pizzazz to the walls! Consider creating an accent wall or adding interesting pieces of art to the walls that compliment the bathroom decor. Every bathroom needs a mirror, but you don’t have to settle for the usual.

Swap out your old mirrors for unique mirrors of various shapes, sizes, and details. Refinish your vanity by staining or painting it a new color. You can even add little details to your vanity such as changing the fronts of the cabinets with decorative self-adhesive paper or changing the hardware. Finally, an overhaul of your bathroom accessories is always a great way to liven up your bathroom space. Even on the tightest budget, a new bathroom set that includes towels, a shower curtain, rug, soap dish, and other accessories can freshen up your bathroom greatly.

If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom so that you can list your Cape Cod property, take advantage of these Cape Cod renovation ideas. For a lot less than you think, you can have a fresh, new bathroom decor that will increase the overall value of your Cape Cod property and make your property more appealing to renters.