Terms & Conditions
Leighton Realty, LLC
Any monies received by Leighton Realty, LLC for occupancy of vacation property indicated the acceptance of the terms of our vacation rental agreement in full. All policies are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of all renters and members of their party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental. Renter must be at least 25 years old to reserve and check-in. Leighton Realty, LLC reserves the right to request proof of identification.

50% of all rental fees plus a $195 non-refundable booking & damage protection fee. The balance is due 60 days before check-in. Renter will receive a reminder email in advance of that payment due date.

Leighton Realty, LLC will send an email to renter 2 weeks before check-in date with directions along with further arrival information.

The rental property will be ready for occupancy after 4:00pm on the arrival date.

If rental property requires to pick up key in one of our office locations, renter is allowed to pick up the key between the hours of 12:00pm - 05:00pm (Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm); however renter will be required to sign a legal document stating that they are not allowed to enter rental property until 4:00pm. This will allow renter to enjoy their first day on the Cape without the waiting time for the key. If renter will be arriving after 5:00pm please contact Leighton Realty, LLC for late pick up instructions.

Check-out is at 10:00am on the date of departure. No exceptions! Renter and members of their party must vacate the rental property not later than 10:00am. Failure to check out on time could result in a $200 late fee. For lost keys, a $25 fee will be applied. Those fees will be charged to renter's payment info on file. All rental properties are cleaned and inspected upon your departure.

Accidental damage protection is included for all reservations (unless rental property requires a Security Deposit) for unintentional damage, subject to the following exclusions and limitations that occur to the premises during your rental period up to $1,000. The program will not pay a benefit for damage due to the following: a) intentional acts of the renter or anyone visiting other than the renter b) gross negligence, willful and wanton conduct by the renter c) animals, birds or pets d) smoking e) damage caused while under the influence of alcohol and drugs f) any cause, if the renter does not report the damage to Leighton Realty, LLC by the departure date g) if the number of persons occupying the rental property exceeds the occupancy limit. Renter remains liable for any damage of real or personal property of the rental property, which is caused during the stay and which is not covered by or exceeds the accidental damage protection.

If rental property requires a security deposit, it is deposited in a non-interest bearing escrow account required by law. Provided there is no damage, additional cleaning or other violations against the rental agreement, reimbursement will be issued within 30 days from departure date. Renter remains liable for any damage of real or personal property of the rental property, which is caused during the stay and which exceeds the Security Deposit.

Travel Insurance is available from Rental Guardian. To learn more click here.

In the event of cancellation, a refund minus a service fee of 25% of the total rent rate will be made if and only if rental property is re-rented. The $195 booking & damage protection fee is non-refundable. If rental property is not re-rented, cancellation will result in the forfeiture of the total rental amount paid. All notice of cancellation must be in writing. Should the owner of any rental property elect to remove their rental property from our rental program, the renter shall not hold Leighton Realty, LLC liable. In such an instance, the renter will be relocated to comparable accommodations determined by Leighton Realty, LLC. If comparable accommodations are not available, renter will receive a full refund. Leighton Realty, LLC is not responsible for events beyond their control, i.e. inclement weather, natural disasters, travel delays, maintenance issues, national security crisis, etc.

Renter recognizes that the worldwide COVID-19 virus pandemic has substantially interfered and may continue to interfere with the ability to engage in short-term rentals. In the event of a travel ban, the $195 booking & damage protection fee is non-refundable.

Our rental properties are privately owned and reflect the taste of each owner. Every effort has been made to ensure accurate and complete information on the website(s). However, Leighton Realty, LLC cannot be held responsible for typographical errors, omissions, price changes and changes made by owners in furnishings, equipment, bed arrangements, etc. Should renter arrive for his/her vacation and find that the rental property is not what he/she anticipated, there will be no refund, nor can renter be moved since each rental property is individually owned.

All rental properties are privately owned and equipped for basic vacation needs. Basic kitchen utensils are provided. Although each rental property will be completely equipped for rental purposes, Leighton Realty, LLC cannot accept responsibility for aesthetic conflicts. If telephones are provided, local calls are free. Renter should use a calling card or dial collect to place long distance calls. Telephone charges incurred during the renter's stay that exceed the basic local service will result in a charge to the renter's security deposit or payment info on file. Extra charges for cable TV (i.e. pay-per view) incurred by renter will also result in a charge to renter's security deposit or payment info on file. Maintenance problems in the rental property will be handled in a timely and professional manner. The rental rate will not be adjusted due to any malfunction of equipment, which includes TV’s, DVD’s, AC units, hot water heaters, stoves, refrigerators, door locks, etc. Renter is not allowed to bring AC units into the rental property.

ONLY provided if specifically mentioned in individual rental property description on website (LeightonRentals.com).

If internet/cable/satellite TV/phone service is provided according to the property description. Renter needs to be aware that Leighton Realty, LLC and/or rental property owner cannot be responsible for issues beyond our control such as connectivity issues, power outages, service interruptions, etc. The same applies for other utilities such as electricity, water, gas, etc.

The rental property will have been cleaned before renter arrives. Renter agrees to maintain the cleanliness of the rental property (both inside and outside) during the occupancy and to leave the rental property in generally the same condition as it was found at check-in. If not left in proper condition, cleaning cost could be charged to the renter's security deposit or payment info on file. Cleaners are not required to clean grills, patio furniture, and other outdoor equipment on a weekly basis. It is the renter's responsibility to clean after use.
If renter would like any additional cleans (i.e. mid-stay cleans, ...), Leighton Realty, LLC can schedule those at renter's cost.

Failure to follow trash removal instructions (provided at check-in) particular to rental property, could result in a charge to renter's security deposit or payment info on file.

Leighton Realty, LLC will not be responsible for any items left in rental property. An attempt will be made to locate items reported as left behind and if recovered, will be return for a fee of $25 plus cost of shipping. Items that are found, but not claimed within 10 days will be discarded or donated to a local charity.

Renter agrees that no more persons than indicated in the occupancy limit will spend the night in the rental property at any time. This limit includes all children and any renters. This policy is strictly enforced. Renter agrees that noncompliance and/or misrepresentation of the occupancy limit is grounds for immediate termination of this rental agreement without refund of rental monies and that renter and members of their party will be required to leave the rental property.

Rental properties are located in residential areas and are rented for personal vacation use only. Parties and other large gatherings are not allowed. Violators face a charge of $150 per day to the renter's security deposit or payment info on file, forfeiture of their rental fees, and eviction.

Campers, RV’s, boats, trailers, etc. are not allowed and may not be parked at any of the rental properties. Nor may renter set up tents or campsites outside the rental property.

Renter agrees not to charge any electric vehicle batteries using the rental property’s electricity unless a professionally installed charging station designated for this purpose exists on the rental property. In the absence of such a station, the tenant shall refrain from using the rental property's electricity for charging any electric vehicle batteries.

Renter is not allowed to smoke in rental property! No exceptions. Non-compliance is grounds for immediate eviction without refund and a $300 fine, which will be charged to renter's security deposit or payment info on file.

Any open flame (gas & charcoal grills) must be no closer than 20 feet from the rental property. Campfires and fireworks are not allowed on rental property.

Leighton Realty, LLC cannot guarantee that a specific humidity level, temperature, or hypoallergenic condition can be maintained within the rental property. Nor can Leighton Realty, LLC guarantee the absence of environmental allergens (including pet dander & smoke) in any of our rental properties. Those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues rent at their own risk. No refunds will be issued.

If applicable (i.e. common grounds of a condominium complex) renter remains liable for any damage to common areas.

Non Pet-Friendly properties: Non-compliance is grounds for immediate eviction without refund and a $300 fine, which will be charged to the renter's security deposit or payment info on file.

Pet-Friendly properties: Renter agrees to be fully responsible for any harm or damage caused by his/her pet(s) while residing in the rental property. It’s the renter's responsibility to remove any pet waste caused by his/her pet(s). Renter understands that damage and unremoved pet waste caused by his/her pet(s) could be charged against the security deposit or payment info on file.

All displayed taxes at time of booking are estimates based on the current local and state tax rates and are subject to change.

Leighton Realty, LLC may enter the rental property at any time in the event of emergency, but will use its best efforts to give 24-hour notice for normal maintenance or sales inspections.

Renter agrees that Leighton Realty, LLC and the rental property owner shall not be liable to renter, members of their party, invitees or any other person for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property on or about the rental property. Renter shall hold Leighton Realty, LLC and the rental property owner harmless and indemnified from and against all loss or damage occasioned by use, misuses or abuse of any part of or fixture on the rental property, surrounding areas and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of the renter, members of their party or invitees. Renter acknowledges that Leighton Realty, LLC acting solely in the capacity of agent for the rental property owner, assumes no liability thereunder. This rental agreement may not be modified. This rental agreement may not be assigned or the property sublet. This agreement shall be deemed to be a contract made under the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and for all purposes shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of said Commonwealth.
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