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Homeowner FAQs

Get some answers to commonly asked questions from homeowners!

I want to rent my home for the summer, what is my first step?


First, LRR needs to see your home and assess the rental potential. Contact us to coordinate a walk-through of your home where we will confirm your amenities and offer suggestions to maximize rental income.


What rate should I charge?


LRR will offer suggestions for pricing both during prime weeks, shoulder weeks and off season weeks after we view and assess the property.


What is the typical rental season?


We rent from end of May to end of September, but the prime months are July & August.


What type of insurance do I need?


Massachusetts regulations now require that homeowners have a $1,000,000 liability policy which can be covered through your primary umbrella policy, as long as the rental property address is listed.


What other documentation do you need in relation to the Massachusetts Occupancy tax law?


We require you to obtain the Mass. Rental Occupancy tax certificate number. This is required for LRR to collect and charge the necessary tax rate to the tenants. Instructions will be provided.


What part does the homeowner play in charging and submitting the taxes collected?


You as the homeowner are not involved, we at LRR are collecting the necessary tax and are submitting it to the appropriate departments as required by law.


Do I need to offer the whole season for rental availability?


No, you do not need to offer LRR the whole season. We accept vacation rentals with only a few weeks available, you will be able to block weeks as needed (as long as we haven’t rented!).


When do I receive notification of weeks(s) booked?


The tenant is required to pay the first half as a deposit when they complete their reservation. At the same time, we are submitting the terms & conditions to the tenant to approve, we are notifying you by email of the reservation.


What documents do you require to begin renting my home?


LRR will provide an owner contract, contact information sheet, amenity sheet, short term disclosure form (regarding $1,000,000 liability policy), W9 & Direct Deposit – the owner will provide a copy of the Mass. Tax Certificate and key(s).


Do you take photos of my property?


We take great pride in our photos and have a special camera for that need. However, if you have any digital photos of your home that you would like to include (such as a spring/summer photo), we will do our best to resize in order to be compatible with the sites your property is listed on.


Do you create a virtual tour of my property?


Yes, we take the virtual tour at the same time as the photos.


How do you market my home?


In addition to being on our website www.LeightonRentals.com your home will be submitted to HomeAway, VRBO, Find Rentals, Google, Flip Key, Expedia, Airbnb, and Booking.com along with other sites that direct traffic to our website. We also advertise on social media and have consistent monthly email campaigns.


What if there is damage to my house during the tenant’s stay.


LRR offers accidental damage protection for up to $1,000 for each reservation. We ask that we receive notification along with photos no more than 48 hours after the tenant’s departure.


When does the homeowner get paid?


We submit owners’ payments once a month during the off-season. The homeowner will receive the first half minus the FULL commission & approximately 2 weeks after the tenant departure you will receive the final balance with no commission charged.


How involved does the homeowner need to be for summer tenant issues?


We are here to make your life easier. We have a trusted handyman and if there is a need, we are here to resolve any issues. We keep an inventory of regular needed items such as: coffee pots, toasters, toaster ovens, fans, silverware, pots/pans, brooms, etc.