The kitchen is the universal place for hanging out and relaxing. Guests congregate in the kitchen, whether they intend to or not. The bright nature of the kitchen (and the smell of food) draws in a crowd. It seems that as hard as you may try to get everyone out of the kitchen and into the rest of the home, there is a magical draw right back to the stainless steel fridge and the gorgeous marble top counter.

The kitchen is attractive. When done right, it can even stand as the centerpiece to the home. So how do you add value to your kitchen? How do you make it alluring to potential guests seeking a stunning vacation escape? Whether you are buying or selling, the kitchen is a place you should spend some extra energy.


Hire a Professional

A YouTube video or two can help resolve some rather basic tasks, turning a small problem into a manageable DIY project in no time. But that is rarely the case for a kitchen remodel. If you are adding value to the kitchen, you don’t want to exhaust your time and energy doing it incorrectly.

A professional can help you cross the most pressing obstacle- planning. The team can help iron out your personal vision, offering practical tips and costs to navigating your dream. Without the expertise of a professional, you are apt to make often dramatic and costly mistakes. Professionals can review and “recycle” parts of your current kitchen to keep costs down, review layout, recommend affordable fixtures, and establish a nice timetable.

Communicate Expectations

Is this a total renovation, front to bottom? Or are we looking at making a few minor adjustments and taking full advantage of what is present?

Is affordability a top priority or is luxury? What is the end goal?

These expectations are important because they set the tone and standard of how a team will proceed. In an ideal world, you want it amazing and you want it cheap. But in the practicality of design and construction, these things must be balanced. You should ask yourself what the ultimate goal is. Perhaps a low-cost backsplash takes precedent if your ultimate goal is to get it done on a tight budget. Do you want to offer an affordable rental or do you want to reach a luxury market? This will inform your decision-making, and help settle everyone involved on the project with your expectations and goals.

Ultimately, you need to communicate your expectation. Let everyone know your feelings with the project and the rental when an issue arises, the goal is clear and the solution can be clearer.

Choose Low Maintenance Options

When you are looking over your kitchen remodel options, we highly recommend looking at low vacation rental maintenance additions. This could apply to the big things as well as the small things. You can take the extra time to grab energy-efficient long-lasting bulbs, so you don’t have to go through the extra steps of changing it in a few months. Low-maintenance backsplashes can keep the kitchen glowing for a year or more. We recommend porcelain or glass, but there are other styles you can apply for added low-maintenance (like glazed).

Yearly rental maintenance will go a long way in saving you a lot of time and money. If you aren’t spending extra energy managing the kitchen, you can focus your time on other matters.

Our team can help manage Cape Cod vacation rentals of all sizes. We can guide you in the right direction towards hiring a professional renovator on Cape Cod or even help you in the process of selling your vacation rental. We know the best team and can help expedite this exciting new challenge.