How do you keep up with the classic atmosphere of Cape Cod? Cape Cod vacation rental landscaping will draw in long-term tenants and seasonal vacationers while making your stunning home stick out on the Cape.


Increase Visual Appeal of Home by Landscaping

Landscaping is the secret to your home’s visual appeal. With some minor adjustments, some low-key trimming, and lovely landscaping accents, you can really capture the spirited energy of the Cape, right in your little cottage home.

So how do you get the most of your landscaping around your Cape Cod vacation rental? We have a few quick tips below.

Plants and Trees

Plants and trees are going to be either your best friend or your worst enemy. Your enthusiasm here will depend on how passionate you are about planting and gardening. We suggest you play it safe with perennials. They bloom annually with little maintenance and care.

Trees should start young, using slow-growing varieties that remain easy to maintain. Focus on large-spanning varieties with their big shady foliage. It will cover the yard and home during the summer and block the wind during the winter.

You always want to prioritize native trees. Firstly, they are going to naturally acclimate to the region much better, making them a good low-maintenance option. It is also the most responsible approach, especially when non-native species can deter natural growth elsewhere.

Stones for Patios and Walkways

Stones for patios and walkways are an excellent addition! They create a captivating divide between the open grass, the garden, and the home. But they also welcome you in, drawing you physically to the front of the rental. If you ever look into selling your Cape Cod rental, you are bound to come across stone walkways.

So how do you approach it?

You should start by choosing your overall visual approach. You can either lean towards “natural” and irregular or tight and organized. You can place your stones haphazardly, creating the perceived illusion that it all just naturally fell there. You can also adopt a very concise and systematic pattern. Colored pattern mosaics are a great approach to capture that very intentional look.

Both can be beautiful! You can add moss between the seams of your stones to accentuate that natural look even further.

There are so many different directions you can take. The important thing is to remain consistent.

Stone walkways are not necessarily easy to maintain. Make sure you keep any weed growth under control, as it could really erode the visual appeal. Spray the stones periodically. Consider something more manageable, like gravel.

Stay Away from Fountains and Water Features

We want nothing more than to add a glorious cascading fountain to a rental home. The benefits are obvious. Fountains are beautiful and the sound of the water is captivating.

There is, of course, a substantial drawback. Fountains and water features are widely discouraged on Cape Cod because of the pending winter seasons. Yes, winter freezes the fountains. We suggest avoiding them entirely to avoid the hapless task of removing the water and properly securing the fountain for the winter season.

These are just a few tips to add low-maintenance features to your landscaping- or how you can avoid high-maintenance ones! Vacation rental yearly maintenance should be minimal so you have the most amount of time possible to do other fun things. Reach out to us for any more details, tips, and help on getting your vacation rental ready for renting- or finding one of your own.