Cape Cod is becoming an increasingly popular vacation destination, which is why it’s so important to keep your vacation rental up to date. More and more people are looking to secure Cape Cod vacation rentals, meaning your property has to be able to compete. If your property is older, you may be considering some renovations. However, with the demographics that Cape Cod is drawing today, there are certainly a few things you want to avoid. Here are the top three things to stay away from when renovating your Cape Cod rental.

Painting Walls a Non-Neutral Color

We are seeing the “modern” and “minimal” look become a bigger and bigger trend these days. With the minimal style comes a more neutral color palate. Rooms that are too bold and bright can be off-putting to guests, and they are not conducive to the relaxing atmosphere that visitors expect from Cape Cod. Instead, neutral colors like gray, pale yellow, or blue are best, as they add a bit of warmth and contrast to the home without being overwhelming.

You can make even more of an impact with your paint by selecting an environmentally friendly option. Select colors with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These options pollute the environment less and are ideal for renters who are sensitive to chemicals. This simple choice is something you can advertise to draw a younger demographic that is more concerned about these issues.

Kitchen Upgrades

While your kitchen is an important part of the home and you want to keep it up to a certain standard, there are a few changes to avoid. First, if you’re looking to replace your countertops, don’t go with granite. Although they may be popular in the moment, the trend will quickly lose steam, meaning your home will soon appear outdated. Additionally, granite countertops are much more expensive than other comparable finishes like quartz or treated laminate.

Another feature to avoid is hanging pots and pans. This is another trend that has had its time but now makes a home appear to be stuck in the past. Opt instead for large drawers for storage, as this will prevent the kitchen from seeming too cluttered, and add value to your kitchen. Finally, stay away from distressed cabinets that are now out of style, and instead choose a neutral and smooth finish.

Installing Appliances that Don’t Save Energy

Today’s renters are largely in their 20s and 30s, and this generation puts a big emphasis on their environmental footprint. If you’re considering replacing your appliances, be sure to choose ones with Energy Star labels. Not only will this save you money, but it’s an extra bonus you can add to your rental listing to draw this all-important group of renters.

You can also spread eco-friendliness throughout your home. It’s an easy switch to change your lightbulbs from traditional styles to energy-saving LED versions. Be sure to also consider your light fixtures, and if you’re thinking about replacing them, look specifically for one that is energy efficient.

When planning your Cape Cod rental renovations, keep these changes in mind. By implementing a few quick and easy upgrades, you’ll be able to keep your home modern and competitive for years to come. Many of our most popular Dennis rentals and other selections in the Cape Cod area take advantage of these tips. You’ll be able to draw a much wider pool of renters, save money on your energy costs, and solidify your rental property as one of the most desired homes in Cape Cod!