Settling on the very furthest point, on the northern tip of Cape Cod, is the acclaimed and historic village of Provincetown.

It is a captivating place to see, but you don’t have to stay so far away from the rest of the cape to enjoy what it has to offer. Our Cape Cod vacation rentals provide a wonderful alternative to staying right in Provincetown. Take a fun day trip and come back, getting the most out of your Cape Cod escape.

So what can you expect to see? What does this lovely village have to offer? We cover our personal top five things to do in Provincetown.


Long Point Beach and Lighthouse

Long Point Beach, and its lighthouse neighbor makes for two of the best Cape Cod attractions. The beach is quiet and a welcoming respite after the hustle and bustle of the far more commercial parts of the cape. It easily stands as one of the finest Provincetown beaches.

You can get to the beach by walking across the Breakwater Dike. It’s considered far off-the-beaten-path. Considering it can take about 25 minutes to walk to the beach point, this is not an understatement. During low tide, the beach really expands, showing off its attractive and vibrant wildlife and its lush foliage and sands. You can even see the quiet edge of Provincetown. Out of all the things to do in the town, this is easily the quietest, offering nice vistas for romance and relaxation.

Go Whale Watching

Whale Watch Dolphin Fleet offers the premier experience for Cape Cod whale watching. See the most spectacular creatures of the sea glide carefully through the Atlantic. This is an ambitious journey of the cape. Come prepared for an extensive journey. Any good Provincetown whale watch trip includes a guide from an experienced naturalist, a large sundeck, plentiful seating, a presentation, and the newest and best equipment for finding these angelic mammals, worthy of the utmost protection.

Visit Commercial Street

Explore commercial street- the restaurant and boutique shop- packed center of Provincetown. Commercial Street is a delightful journey through the best of Provincetown, featuring local pizza, art galleries, and even homes. Yes, people live and thrive right here in this historic district.

Check out top Provincetown restaurants and cool dessert shops, like the Nut House and the Portuguese Bakery. Spend some extra time with a cup of coffee at the Wired Puppy. Don’t miss out on all the Provincetown shopping by the famous MacMillan Pier. The pier stands as the area’s top attraction, where locals and tourists gather to take photos, walk their pups, and even launch right off the pier into the water below.


Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

For a deep dive into Provincetown history, you must see the Provincetown Museum and its sister attraction, the Pilgrim Monument. The two collectively gather the richest local history, including the tale of the town’s founding, the stories of the Mayflower Pilgrims, and more.

The two structures are on the same site. Admission is $14 per person and the site is open seasonally.

Race Point Beach

This isolated beach haven wraps itself around Provincetown, reaching by the point and landing over by the town’s coast guard station. It features big and bold dunes, numerous bike trails, and an overall untouched natural layout. For example, the beach isn’t raked and the surrounding foliage is densely layered.

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