Cape Cod is lovely and majestic, and there’s no end to the magical things to do. What are the top Cape Cod attractions to see? Right by the best vacation rentals near Cape Cod are some of the most enthralling and interesting attractions in the whole northeast.


Cape Cod Whale Watching

Now that whales are safe to roam the oceans thanks to international whaling laws, you can take a boat to go see these magnificent mammals along with other fascinating marine life. Such excursions usually start from MacMillan Wharf in Provincetown. They are season-dependent though. The tours are only available between April and October each year. You can come across finback, humpback, and minke whales.

The guided tours typically last for two and a half hours. Onboard, an experienced guide will keep you informed about the different whales you see as well as other sea life that come your way. If you prefer seals over whales, Chatham has plenty of those capricious animals and tours are available for tourists as well.

Cape Cod National Seashore

The seashore of Cape Cod is a protected area that stretches for 40 miles. Thanks to this protection the beach and the surrounding area has been preserved with all its natural beauty and charm. Take a walk down here and retrace the steps of Henry David Thoreau. In fact, nothing has changed here for decades and you can enjoy the untouched landscape in all its glory. From the beaches to the woodlands, you can spend a whole day here and not get tired of it.

Conifers such as Atlantic white cedar and other trees make a good place for bird nests. So bird watching is also available along with hiking down the trails.

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a famous summer vacation destination. Located 5 miles to the south of Cape Cod, the island has 6 small towns each with its unique character. Oak Bluffs is one of those towns where history still lingers in a charming and appealing way. The gingerbread cottages, the collection of Carpenter Gothic-style buildings with their candy color, and the Flying Horses Carousel, they’re all there to remind you of that part of our history where life was much simpler and people were more laid back and easy going. Don’t forget to spare some time for Edgartown. It used to be a whaling center and you can still see its past in the architecture and the museums.



What makes Orleans unique is its beaches. Because it has beaches that overlook both the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod Bay, visitors always have a choice. If you like warm beaches, head to the side facing the bay. Cold beaches put you right in front of the Atlantic Ocean and its chillier currents.

Try to catch the sunrise and sunset at either or both beaches. It’s simply breathtaking. Museums also are a major attraction here. The French Cable Station Museum celebrates the transatlantic cable which allowed telegraph communications across the pond for the first time in history.


Located west of Cape Cod, Sandwich is a town with a long history in the art of glassmaking. It makes for an exquisite day trip.

Back in the day before plastic became ubiquitous, glass was a valued possession and glassmaking was a profession very much in demand. This was Sandwich’s claim to fame. In fact, glass made in Sandwich was a collectible at the time. Today such pieces of artwork will fetch a hefty price at any auction.

You can still visit Sandwich and see some of the old workshops and factories where such valuable pieces were made on a daily basis. Of course, you won’t find any of it lying around in the sands anymore!

Family friendly activities on Cape Cod are abundant. Make sure you plan your trip beforehand to enjoy a delightful vacation for the whole family.