Cape Cod could possibly be the romantic capital of the northeast. With astounding sunrises, rustic shanties on the water, and quiet enclaves of hidden sands, Cape Cod offers breathtaking vistas and sight to see around every corner. We complete the package with vacation rentals near Cape Cod so you can get the most out of your experience.

So what really makes Cape Cod exude such romance? We take a look at how, and even why, Cape Cod has become a definitive destination for romantics young and old, and adventurers seeking to think outside-the-box when it comes to planning a vacation filled with love.


Point of Rocks Beach

Perhaps the most romantic locale in all of Cape Cod is the idyllic picture-perfect coast at the Point of Rocks. Get some inspired rest and relaxation at this iconic sight in Brewster. You won’t find much in the way of amenities and foot traffic, which is exactly the “point.” Birds rest in high numbers on the numerous large rocks stationary in the waves. There is no parking lot on site, discouraging big families from coming here and collecting on the shore for the day. The big rocks showcase all sorts of wonderful wildlife, especially during low tide.

This is a magical and isolated spot where rarely more than a few people are found any given time of the day. We almost regret writing about it and spoiling the secret!

Martha’s Vineyard

Unlike Point of Rocks, Martha’s Vineyard certainly gets its fair share of foot traffic. But it is a magical destination nonetheless, and an ideal romantic escape for anyone seeking a bit of adventure. Take the ferry over to the island for the day and admire the extravagance and luxury. Walk off down one of the garden paths, hands held tight, and look at the buzzing wildlife. The carousel at Oak Bluffs is charmingly romantic while the lighthouses make for the quintessential photo moment.

There’s a lot to love about Martha’s Vineyard, easily making it one of the most rewarding and romantic sights to see on or near the cape.


Wine Tasting

Visit Harwich for a glass of wine by the water. First Crush Winery is one of the best wineries in the town. You can even visit the huge distillery vats, and see the classic northeastern décor. To say that wine was important for Cape Cod locals would be an absurd understatement. To many, wine is a lifestyle, and few do it better than Cape Cod.

Spa Day

Bask in the romantic atmosphere of a spa day. The Whalewalk Inn and Spa places you cozily in an old-vintage cabin, where staff applies advanced aromatherapy techniques to really promote relaxation and calmness. It’s one of the best things to do for romance, and a great mood-setter for the evening.


Provincetown is undoubtedly one of the most immediately romantic towns on the cape. You become enamored with the boutique shops and rustic living up here in this sea shanty point. Provincetown rests on the northernmost tip of Cape Cod. You are isolated from all the action and as far out as you can go by vehicle.

You can feel that sense of excitement and adventure in the air. The Pilgrim Monument looms over the town while Race Point Beach may be one of the most elegant and little-trafficked public beaches on the entire cape.

Cape Cod has so many things to do to capture that spirit of romance that we only covered the top few. When you stay on Cape Cod, you’re opting in to a luxurious, romantic escape every day, with weeks’ worth of things to do and places to see.