It’s no secret that many vacations to Cape Cod for the miles upon miles of pristine and breathtaking beaches.

Here, you have your pick of quaint seaside towns to stay in with many beachfront or near-beach Cape Cod rentals to choose from.

Whether you’re taking a short vacation or planning to move to the area, get a head start by learning a bit about the best beaches on Cape Cod and their differences.


West Dennis Beach

In the small town of West Dennis lies the aptly named West Dennis Beach, one of the most popular public beaches on Cape Cod.

This beach is well-loved for many reasons. Spanning about a mile of coastline, it is so spacious it rarely gets crowded.

It’s a perfect spot for watersports such as windsurfing and other beach activities like sandcastle-building and catching rays. West Dennis Beach is also a fantastic spot for families. Kids have access to a playground, and colorful kites are often seen soaring in the skies.

The 100-vehicle parking lot is located right on the beach, so you don’t have to worry about navigating tight side streets in pursuit of a good spot to unload the car. Beach amenities include showers, bathrooms, stationed lifeguards, and wheelchair access.

Beaches of Brewster

The town of Brewster is home to a series of small beach points – the most popular being sprawling Breakwater Beach.

At low tide, you can walk out about a mile along the flats, encountering shells, crabs, snails, and other sea life. While the low tide is one of the best times to go take a stroll, there is lots of exposed sand during high tide, too.

Other than a bike rack, there are very few amenities. The beach has a generous parking lot that is unlikely to fill up even in the peak summer season. This quiet beach is the perfect escape if you want to relax, read, and enjoy a nice family day without worrying about crowds.

If you’re looking for a buzz of activity, give Ellis Landing a try. This beach is busier and smaller – particularly at high tide – than Breakwater. But it makes up for these shortfalls with its beautiful dunes, grasslands, and tidal pools that are created when the tide comes in.

Beaches of Harwich and Chatham

Chatham and Harwich are sister towns that lie back-to-back along the coast of Massachusetts, both offering spectacular seaside escapes.

Pleasant Road Beach, located in Harwich, is one of the best beaches on Cape Cod. This beach is known for its visiting ice cream truck that stops by on hot summer afternoons.

Calm waters, unobstructed views, and lifeguards stationed throughout the day make it a safe and family-friendly beach. Visitors have access to bathrooms and a parking area directly facing the beach.

Another pleasant beach in Harwich is Bank Street Beach, a quiet spot in Nantucket Sound.  Warm, gentle waves lap against the shores of this beach. It is also known for the assortment of shells that collect along its bank.

Chatham, a little further east near the “elbow” of the cape, is home to a number of beaches, but few can contend with the magic of Lighthouse Beach. This is a great place to spot wildlife – it’s common to see seals lounging on the warm sand. The Chatham Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station offer a postcard-worthy backdrop that exudes East Coast living.

The Beaches of Yarmouth

The coastal village of Yarmouth has a very traditional feel to it – and the beaches are no exception.

Windmill Beach may not look like much, but its massive white windmill attracts thousands of visitors every year. With a windmill as a backdrop, this small beach will remind you of simpler times on the Atlantic seaboard.

Seagull Beach is another safe bet due to its size and popularity. You will find readily available parking, as well as amenities such as showers, a snack stand, and play area.


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