After the allure of the New Year is over, we are quickly struck with the Spring season. Only a few months in, 2020 is bringing all sorts of firsts. Normally Spring means cold & flu season, as well as spring break vacation… woo-hoo! But, THIS spring introduced a new strain of viral infection, COVID-19, forcing us all indoors. Although travel is not yet restricted, self-quarantine is highly advised, as all schools & non-essential businesses have been ordered to close in Massachusetts as of March 24th at 12 pm. With that being said, we are all in this together.

Amidst getting settled working from home, here are some ideas to fill your lackadaisical days spent indoors, with easy & productive tasks that will have you feeling a bit better and slightly more productive about your time spent at home!

Create / Try New Recipes

Although not everyone can be a master chef, everyone does love to eat! Check out a few of our favorite recipes. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can challenge yourself by picking 5 random ingredients in your kitchen and see what you can whip up.

Break Out The Board Games

Let’s face it-those board games sitting on the shelf, have been waiting to get some use. Channel your inner-child and break out your favorite game with the family to spark some competition. Whether you choose to show off your vocabulary with a calm game of Scrabble or hunker down for a strategic 4- hour game of Monopoly, these give your brain some healthy stimulation…and a break from binge-watching Netflix.

Suggestion if you don’t play well with others: try a puzzle!

Clean Out The Closet

Reduce a literal weight off your shoulders, by picking an area of the house that you’ve been avoiding. This could be your closet getting a bit too messy, or the garage, that is begging for a clean out. Whatever the space, there is always room to de-clutter. The best rule of thumb is to start with 10 items of clothing, books, etc. to get you started. After 10, you’re on a roll!

Added perk, you can sell or donate your findings!

Find A Donation Bin Near You

Rework Your Living Space

A personal favorite, when you feel like changing something, but can’t put your finger on what to change (or don’t have time to start a whole new project). Try switching the layout of your bedroom, by rotating the placement of your bed, bureau, or photos on the wall. These slight changes will hold you over until you’re ready to dive into your next home venture!

Move Your Body With An At-Home Workout Video

Working out with no direction can be an extremely difficult speed-bump for those attempting to work out at home. Find a workout video that is tailored to your exercise style, and see how you like it! A majority of videos found online are narrated by fitness instructors that will show you exactly what you need to do. Yoga, Pilates, ab workouts, high-intensity, low-intensity, whatever your speed- anything to get your body moving. Who knows, you might find you prefer working out at home vs. the gym!

Reinvent Household Items

Whether it be an old t-shirt that can be cut for your sweaty workout days, there are always items that seem to lay around the house- even more than you! Do you have extra mason jars laying around somewhere? Break out the paint, and design your new favorite pencil holder. Looking for new storage ideas? Use old containers as shoe holders. See what you can create! Post your finished product on social media to inspire others!

Creating new treats for school lunches, recreating those old shutters for decor, or working up a sweat to a virtual ab workout fulfill the same goal. Each of these tasks get you off your phone or tablet, and produce meaningful work. Utilize the time you’re not working from home, to accomplish the tasks that seem otherwise, quite pesky. Or, get some fresh air and check out Cape Cod Outdoor Activities.