As we reroute our daily routines to cater to the current state of affairs and keeping our physical health in check, it’s time to get creative as we implement new routines to cater to our mind and body as well. Below you’ll find several ideas to keep your body and mind sound throughout these uncertain times.

Yoga At Your Convenience

As one of the oldest practices that’s been around for nearly 5,000 years, yoga has proven benefits for strength, balance, mental alertness, weight loss, toning, used to reduce anxiety, and so much more.

One of the beauties of yoga is that it can be for anyone. With the possibility to adjust the intensity level and duration, this is one form of exercise that you can fit into your schedule, day or night. You can also include the kids to keep them busy and help alleviate their endless amounts of energy. Below are a few different videos that will help you suite your mental and physical needs, at every level.

 Yoga For Kids

20 Minute Yoga For Weight Loss

Chair Yoga For Beginners & Seniors

Who Doesn’t Love to Dance?!

Dancing has always been a great way to get your body and endorphins moving and just maybe work up a sweat and increase your heart rate while you’re at it. Depending on your musical taste, there are dozens of corresponding online dance classes that you can use to sharpen your skills. These online, free lessons give you a chance to practice over and over, until you’ve mastered your new moves and improved your mood. There are so many different videos to choose from so if none of these suite your fancy, you’re only a few clicks away from finding the class that is right for you.

Swing Dancing For Beginners

Salsa Dancing For Beginners

Country Swing For Beginners


It’s like dancing, with a few extra kicks.

Zumba is a great alternative to your exercise routine, as it involves cardio, coordination, core strength, balance, and concentration, which combined will be enough to distract you from your thoughts… or crazy quarantined household. Zumba is known to be a mood booster and depression fighter, which I’m sure we can all use. It’s also known to be great for weight loss, stress relief, improved coordination, full body toning, as well as have aerobic, and anaerobic benefits. Check out the links below for your next free, online Zumba class and get yourself moving!

20 Minute Belly Burning Step By Step Zumba!

Zumba For Seniors!

Full Body Workout Zumba!

High Intensity Interval Training

If you’re use to your regular gym routine, maybe you’re craving a little bit more of an intensity and muscle burn in your at home workout. Cross fit or High Intensity Training, may be just what you need. HIT training, allows you to squeeze in shorter, more efficient work outs, full body fitness, and have faster results into your new “Quarantine Routine”. These types of workouts also allow you to mix things up with every workout to avoid the repetitive, monotonous routines. The workouts below do not require equipment, or give you the freedom to use household items to add a little extra intensity.

13 Minutes of Cross Fit – No Equipment Needed!

20 Minute Strength Training For Seniors

11 Minute Circuit Workout For Kids & Parents!

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation, to calm your inner voices & help you tolerate the outer voices. Meditation can be a slightly intimidating and daunting word that gets thrown around quite a bit, I get it. However, even when starting out small, the benefits can be astronomical. Meditation practice has been around for thousands of years and has been recommended by health care professionals for a number of reasons. The benefits include, improving focus, Immune system support, emotional wellness, improved problem solving skills, reduces blood pressure, improves breathing and heart rate, helps with arthritis and Fibromyalgia, lessons inflammatory disorders, and the list goes on. For more information on the many benefits of meditation, click here.

There are also many different types of meditation, so depending on your personal style, there is something for everyone. I personally enjoy Mantra Meditation, and find it a little easier to lean into. For more information on the different types of mediation, click here.

Below are a few videos on guided meditation to help you start to clear out the mental haze and increase your clarity and focus.

5 Minute Mantra Meditation for Beginners

Guided Meditation For Positive Energy

12 Minute Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

Hopefully this has helped ignite the spark to start your new routine to help keep your mind and body healthy during these unsettling times!