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Energy efficient light bulbs

Cape Cod Rental Energy Improvements that Save Money

If you are a property owner in Cape Cod, renovations to your rental can make a huge difference in energy bills. Here are a few of the best changes you can make to your Cape Cod vacation rentals. Replace Appliances... Read more

Well decorated bathroom

Inexpensive Bathroom Renovations to Increase Your Cape Cod Rental’s Value

When it comes to renting your Cape Cod property, it is important to do all that you can to make your property stand out. From choosing a quality Cape Cod property management company to preparing your rental property for guests,... Read more

Puppy laying on kitchen floor

Should You Allow Your Rental to be Pet-Friendly?

To be pet-friendly or not to be, that is the question. Shakespeare may not have been specifically referring to pet-friendly Cape Cod rentals, but it is a fair question to ask and one that has puzzled many landlords over the... Read more

Back yard view of Cape Cod rental

Landscaping around Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental

How do you keep up with the classic atmosphere of Cape Cod? Cape Cod vacation rental landscaping will draw in long-term tenants and seasonal vacationers while making your stunning home stick out on the Cape. Increase Visual Appeal of Home... Read more

how to increase your vacation rental kitchen's value

How to Add Value to Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental’s Kitchen

The kitchen is the universal place for hanging out and relaxing. Guests congregate in the kitchen, whether they intend to or not. The bright nature of the kitchen (and the smell of food) draws in a crowd. It seems that... Read more

renovating tips for landlords on cape cod

Don’t Make These Mistakes when Renovating Your Vacation Rental

It is time for some good old-fashioned Cape Cod vacation rental renovations. This means preparing the exterior and interior for a tenant. It means getting all the pieces in place so your rental can earn equity and stay a cozy... Read more

prepare your vacation rental for summer

Getting Your Cape Cod Rental Ready For Summer

Once the weather starts to get warm, you know it’s that time of the year to prepare your vacation rental near Cape Cod for the summer season. You want your home rental to look its best and appeal to the... Read more

rental maintenance cape cod

Yearly Rental Maintenance on Cape Cod

Rental property ownership is far from passive income. Many people believe that landlords buy up properties, rent them out, and rack in the cash with little effort and few expenses. While some landlords may try to take the easy road,... Read more

Cape Cod Real Estate

2019 Market Report on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a wonderful place to invest in property if you’re interested in becoming a landlord, or even just having your own place to stay during a trip to this beautiful part of New England. Of course, there are... Read more

2019 Cape Cod Rental Market Projections

There’s a tight race between demand and inventory in Cape Cod. The relationship between the two has resulted in a healthy overall real estate market moving into 2019. Though the inventory has shrunken a bit in 2017 and 2018, there’s... Read more