So you have decided that to spend your summer vacation on beautiful Cape Cod, and decided that you did not want to spend it in a hotel. There are many benefits to renting a home instead of a hotel room, and one of them is the ability to use a rental agency such as Leighton Rentals to find your ideal vacation property. Leighton Rentals has been assisting people in finding their perfect vacation property for years with great success. What makes Leighton Rentals different from its competition and why should you trust them in helping you find your ideal rental? Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Leighton Rentals to help you book your Cape Cod vacation rental:


On the Leighton Rentals website, each property has a detailed description giving you a clear idea of each rental. Every renter has essentials, things that they need to have in a vacation rental in order to make their stay more comfortable. For example, central air in a home is an essential amenity for some renters, and they absolutely could not stay in a unit that did not offer it.  Amenities such as air conditioning types, properties that allow pets, the bed sizes and the number and location of televisions in the home. The website has a variety of amenities to include in your Cape Cod vacation rental search, matching you with your ideal property. Pictures of the property are updated on the Leighton Rentals website regularly, so you know exactly what the property looks like before you book it. Every property has a 360-degree virtual tour of the entire property, so you get to see every inch of the property. Most rental properties even have YouTube videos so you can get an additional view of the property.


Leighton Rentals knows that you have a busy life, and making your vacation plan is very important but often can not always be done during typical business hours. The Leighton Rentals website allows you to book your vacation rental online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can book your Cape Cod vacation rental at your convenience. However, if you ever do have a question about a property, a knowledgeable licensed rental agent is available to answer your questions either on the website through chat or on the phone during business hours. Credit cards and electronic checks are accepted, making it easy to pay for your vacation rental. Travel insurance is offered at booking, something that you can not get with all rental agencies or when booking through an individual landlord. Leighton Rentals makes booking your perfect Cape Cod summer vacation rental fast & easy by electronic lease signing. You do not have to wait for a vacation rental lease to be sent to you through snail mail, it is emailed to you directly right after you book your Cape Cod vacation rental.



Checking into a property that you are not familiar with, in a town you do not know can cause stress. When you book your Cape Cod vacation rental with Leighton Rentals, we do everything we can to make sure that your vacation is a relaxing experience. The Cape Cod vacation rental agent you meet with upon check-in is knowledgeable not only about the property, but also the surrounding town. The rental agent will give you a packet that has everything you need to know about the check-out procedures, troubleshooting, information about the Cape Cod town, and information specific to the home. This includes details such as the wifi password, trash pickup day and landline phone number (if applicable). If you have any questions, the rental agent is there to help. Need beach stickers? They can help you find where to purchase them and how much to expect to pay.

On Your Vacation

Included in the check-in packet the rental agent at Leighton Rentals gives you upon check-in, are the office hours and phone number along with an emergency line if you need assistance after hours. This means that if you are locked out of your rental property in the middle of the night or the electricity goes out after 5pm, you have a number to call where someone will respond 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Leighton Rentals agent works as the liason between you and the property owner so if there ever is an issue Leighton Rentals is there to help resolve any issues you may have in a timely manner. When you book your Cape Cod vacation rental with Leighton Rentals, your vacation experience is important to us and to our property owners so we are here to ensure that your stay is stress free.


All keys are to be returned to the office where you checked in. You can either drop off keys in the drop box outside the office door, or check out with one of our agents. Checking out with the Leighton Rentals agent gives you the opportunity to book your Cape Cod vacation rental the following year before the general public. Tenants that have rented with us before hear about properties coming back on the rental market before they are made live on our website and available for the public to book. If you would like to book your Cape Cod vacation rental again the following year but are not sure of the dates you would like to book, you can still put your name in and be contacted first. As soon as we receive the contract from the property owner with the rental calendar for the following year, you will be sent an email letting you know that the rental is available.

Book your Cape Cod Vacation Rental with Leighton Rentals

When you book your Cape Cod vacation rental with Leighton Rentals, you are working with a locally owned rental agency that has built a strong reputation for itself over time providing excellent service to their tenants and owners. Come and visit beautiful Cape Cod knowing that Leighton Rentals is here for you to make sure that your vacation is relaxing and stress free so you can take in all that Cape Cod has to offer! Check out our testimonial page to hear what our owners and former tenants have to say about their experience working with Leighton Rentals.