Summer on Cape Cod is an amazing experience. The beaches, activities, restaurants, shopping and natural beauty are like no other. It is important that you are able to fully appreciate your vacation time on this fun and charming sandbar, which includes choosing your accommodations wisely. If you have stayed at vacation properties before, you know that they are all very different. Here are the top 6 questions to ask when renting a Cape Cod vacation home to ensure your summer getaway goes off without a hitch!

What do the fees that I’m being charged cover?

One of the first questions to ask when renting a Cape Cod vacation property before you even book it is what the fees that you are being charged in addition to your weekly rate cover. When renting a vacation property through Leighton Rentals, there is an administration fee which is outlined in the rental policy and can be reviewed by any rental agent if there are any questions. Some owners charge a cleaning fee, pet deposit and/or administration fee. Some of these fees are reimbursed to you the tenant once the vacation is over and the vacation home’s condition is reviewed by the owner or property manager. Some fees are not refunded, and just part of the rental charge. It is important that you ask the person you are renting from what the fees cover and what fees you will get back once your vacation is over.


Who do I call if there is a problem?

If there is a problem, the most important questions to ask when renting a Cape Cod vacation home is who you are supposed to call. When renting from a Cape Cod rental agency such as Leighton Rentals, the first person you call when there is a problem (unless it is an emergency in which case you should call 911) is the rental agency. The rentals agency can assist you with issues such as Wifi problems, television problems or get in touch with a professional to deal with electrical or plumbing problems. Find out more about renting through a Cape Cod rental agency in our blog, “5 Reasons to Book your Cape Cod Vacation Rental with Leighton Rentals.”

If you are renting through a private owner, they may want you to get in touch with them directly or they may hire a property manager who lives locally and can take care of any issues you may have while in their vacation home. Knowing the right person when there is a problem will save you the headache of calling the wrong person and spending too much time trying to resolve an issue that is already disrupting your vacation.


How loud is it in the area?

If you are traveling with small children, it is a good idea to ask how loud the area is that you are looking to rent. While it is never guaranteed that your rental will be quiet, there are a number of factors that play into how noisy the area will be during your stay. If it is the peak time, the area will be busier and therefore louder than the off peak times of the summer. If you are staying in a condo, a single floor unit located on the ground level will be noisier than a single family home that is unattached. A cottage that is part of a group of cottages will be noisier than a home that stands alone in a quiet neighborhood with mostly year round inhabitants. Check out or blog, “5 Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental” to make sure you book the right Cape Cod rental.

Where is the closest grocery store?

Typically when you first arrive at a vacation property, the first thing you want to do is set it up for your stay. You want to unpack your belongings, and fill your cabinets and refrigerator with the foods you need to make it feel like home. A lot of guests choose to go grocery shopping on their way to the property, so one of the most common questions to ask when renting a Cape Cod vacation home is where is the closest grocery store to the property? Once your refrigerator and cabinets are packed with the foods that will make you feel at home and your belongings are in their rightful place, your real vacation begins. When renting a property with Leighton Rentals, a rental agent will review the area information with you and have in your packet an address of where you can find the grocers, urgent care centers, and drug stores.


Are there any property instructions?

Every home is different, and a vacation home is no different. Many homes come with property instructions for tenants. The property instructions typically have Wifi instructions, trash removal schedules, landscaping schedules, and television instructions. If a property has instructions, it will cut down on the number of questions to ask when renting a Cape Cod vacation home because most of the things you need to know are already covered, making your life and the owner’s life easier. Property instructions are typically updated every year, but it is important that upon arrival at the property you review these instructions so that you have a feeling for the property from the start.

If the vacation home you are thinking about booking does not have property instructions, make a list of questions you have that would make you feel at ease in the home. For example, what type of television service does the home have? Is it basic cable, Netflix, Roku or extended cable? If you are not well versed in one of those television services and you have children that are used to watching Sesame Street first thing in the morning, you might want to bring a DVD of their favorite episodes. Another question would be whether they have a DVD player or if you need to rent one. For more on making sure that your summer getaway goes off without a hitch, check out our blog, “How to Make Sure Your Cape Cod Vacation Property is not a Dud.”


Will the owners of the property stop by during my stay?

On occasion, owners will stop by their rental property to check in with the tenants to make sure that things are going well and let them know they are available. Some tenants like this, and some do not. If you are one of the tenants that would not like a visit from the owner, it is good to know up front that this is what the owner expects to do. This gives you the opportunity to tell the owner that you would prefer they did not stop in during your vacation to nip that issue in the bud. Sometimes owners will plan on stopping by the rental home because there is a repair that needs to be done on the home. If you know that the owner is planning to stop by to make this repair, and the repair is not essential to your stay being enjoyable, you could ask that they hold off the repair until after you depart.

Questions to Ask When Renting a Cape Cod Vacation Home

Making the choice to rent a vacation property instead of a hotel room for your summer getaway is a big decision. If you are still on the fence regarding whether the right choice for you is  renting a vacation property and staying in a hotel, check out our blog “Renting a Cape Cod Vacation Property vs. Hotel Room: Which is Right for You?” Our list of pros and cons will help you make that decision fast. Those are important things to know before renting a Cape Cod vacation home. If you know what to ask before you reserve your property, you are more likely to be happy with your accommodations when you arrive, allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation!