Leighton Rentals is a reliable, trustworthy Cape Cod property management company that has been helping people manage their properties since 2004. It is important to locate the best property management company to ensure that you are able to rent the best Cape Cod vacation rentals available. Whether you are seeking short or long-term vacation rentals, you’ll know that you are getting the most dependable service possible when you utilize Leighton Rentals. It is important to have a quality property management company on hand. The following are some qualities to look for when researching property management companies in Cape Cod.



When it comes to selecting a property management company, you want someone that you can trust. Without trust, it is hard to really know which company to work with when managing a vacation rental. You want to make sure that you are doing your due diligence when seeking out a property management company. Here are a couple of questions to ask when narrowing down the prospects:

  1. How many years of experience does the company have?
  2. What is the reputation of the applicable company?
  3. Does the prospective property management company have a strong working relationship with the community it works within?
  4. Does the property management company have a positive working relationship with clients? Are reviews available to confirm this relationship?
  5. Are stats, prices, pictures and other important details about properties readily available for public viewing? This is important as it shows that the property company is willing to be transparent about costs, fees and other incidentals connected with renting a property.


Ability to do Maintenance

Cape Cod property management company that is capable of doing their own maintenance is highly important. Whether the company has its own staff or contracts with another company, quality maintenance is highly important to an effective operation.

In any business where real estate is involved, there is always the concern of maintaining properties. Property management companies are faced with the very same issues: making sure that all properties offered are in the best condition, as well as providing prompt, effective maintenance services should they be needed.

In the best-case scenario, property management companies have their own in-house, full-time maintenance team. This is the best option because the property management company has full control of all aspects of the maintenance process, from the cost of materials to the quality of repairs, to the promptness of the response to maintenance requests. Handling these aspects in-house is preferable over hiring a subcontractor that has its own rules, guidelines, and practices.

Property managers that have their own maintenance teams have the ability to reduce costs while also completing projects at a high-quality, fast, and efficient manner. Overall, quality property management companies usually have various maintenance staff to include a full-time staff, in-house maintenance, as well as a turnover department.

Established and Regionally Well-Known

When it comes to selecting a Cape Cod property management company, reputation is important. When a company has established a name for itself, customers can gauge for themselves which company is the best fit for them. There are numerous ways in which property management companies establish themselves within their communities as well as afar. Property management companies such as Leighton Realty have made a name for themselves by offering high-quality real estate services from sales to leasing throughout several towns in the Cape Cod area.

They also offer a number of services such as home buying and selling guides as well as home valuations for their clients. In fact, if you are seeking quality Harwich rentals, Leighton Realty has continued to provide reputable vacation rental services since 2004 because of their dedication and commitment to offering exceptional real estate services. When a property management company has established itself both locally and regionally, this offers security and assurance that the company has proven a quality level of service that customers can depend on.

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