While newspaper and word of mouth may bring in local customers for your Cape Cod vacation rentals, you may be keen to attract clientele beyond your immediate reach. When your networks have dried up, look to the internet to market your vacation home.

Gone are the days of single-photo newspaper classifieds. Today, people want to be able to browse properties, view photos, maps, and reviews, compare their options, and, ultimately, make a selection from the comfort of their home.

Low occupancy is a constant fear for landlords, especially in low and shoulder seasons. Property taxes and maintenance fees add up, and when you’re faced with low occupancy for a season – or even a year – your real estate investment may not seem like such a great idea anymore.


Tips for Creating a Great Property Listing

There’s no right or wrong answer to creating a listing that gets your home on people’s radar. But there are a few things that might help improve your listing:

  • Take great photos. Fork out a little extra for a professional photographer – and make sure the place is spic-and-span.
  • Feature your property’s best amenities. Is it oceanfront, in the woods, or an urban gem? Highlight both its geographic location and property amenities for best results.
  • Upgrade your interior design. You may have a great property in a great location, but if it looks dumpy its value decreases. Hire a decorator (or get on Pinterest, if you have a good eye) and spruce it up a little. Go a little further and add a deck out back or even a hot tub
  • Target your ideal market. Think about who you are marketing to: is it young families? Couples without kids? Retirees? Corporate retreat go-ers? Be sure that your home, location, amenities, nearby activities, and price suit the potential customer.
  • Data is your friend. Look at your stats: who rented during which seasons last year? Five years ago? Use the data to create a property listing that targets the same kinds of customers.

Our Listing Services

There are lots of hundreds of vacation rental listing sites for homeowners and property managers, from VRBO to Airbnb. But here at Leighton Rentals, we can help get you create a property listing that resonates with potential customers.

The benefits of listing your Cape Cod vacation rentals with a local rental agency are countless. With more than a decade of experience in the area, we have provided services for more than 170 rental owners and managers.
We have extensive knowledge of the area and exactly what vacationers are looking for. You’ll also benefit from the customer service of a professional real estate team, who can field customer questions and requests. Our team can also help you determine a fair weekly price based on the value and amenities of your rental home.

List Your Property With Us

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