Cape Cod is often considered a paradise of beautiful ocean views, stunning classic architecture, and majestic vistas. It exudes history and wonder. But a major reason for Cape Cod’s classic status as a renowned destination and place to live has as much to do with what is off its shores as what is on it. In other words, Cape Cod is surrounded by incredible sights and sounds off in its ocean waters.

You can take a ferry to many of these incredible destinations near your vacation rental to extend your love and appreciation for the Cape. We look at the top Cape Cod ferries and the many different things to do on Cape Cod when you leave its main shores.


Getting to Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most dazzling sights to see on the cape. This fairytale island requires entrance by ferry.

The Island Queen is your main source for getting to the vineyard. It is a 35-minute cruise from Falmouth Harbor to the Oak Bluffs. Many guests carry their bikes onto the ferry and freely ride around the iconic island. It is the top choice for anyone seeking a luxurious journey over the ocean.

Alternatively, you can use the Steamship Authority. This low-cost option takes guests from Woods Hole to the Vineyard year-round. It has plenty of welcoming features, like free wifi. The Steamship Authority departs daily, making it a very accessible option for travelers.

Finally, we recommend HY-LINE Cruises. This high-speed cruise line departs from Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard. There is an onboard bar. The landing is well-stocked with various food and snack options, like the Raw Bar and the Coffee Table lounge. It is a lovely journey in all, and a great way to see the vineyard.


Visiting Provincetown

The easiest way to get to the village of Provincetown is by ferry. You have multiple options on the table.

Locals from Boston utilize the Bay State Cruise Co. They have two main ferries available. The Provincetown III ferry carries you from Boston to Provincetown in about an hour and a half. Guests also have the option of going on a scenic-oriented trip on the three-hour Provincetown II. The trip takes its time calmly navigating the cool ocean waters directly along the northeastern coast. While it is a longer trip, it is part of the adventure.

Boston Harbor Cruises is a speedier journey. In about 90 minutes, you can see the Outer Cape without worrying about ground navigation.

Once on the Cape, you can visit some of the most alluring destinations. Boston Harbor Cruises gives you plenty of time to enjoy the area’s top seafood escapes and to seek out the most acclaimed beach havens in and around Provincetown.


Nantucket is a romantic paradise. Getting to it can be a little difficult, especially since it is so remote and so few ferries travel there regularly. Fortunately, the Freedom Cruise Line is available to get you to one of the northeast’s most magical escapes. Make sure you leave from Harwich Port to Nantucket on the Freedom Cruise at least once during your time on the Cape. Nantucket is a sight everyone should see at least once and easily one of the most romantic things to do on Cape Cod.

While some ferries continue year-round, others are seasonal. You can contact us for more details about the area. Learn about the possibilities of finding Cape Cod vacation rentals and receive additional details about ferry schedules. We can get you connected to Cape Cod.