Cape Cod has a lot of competition in the vacation rental market. So how do you make it pop alongside its competition to bring in the tenants? Your Cape Cod vacation property needs to be taken seriously, it is your investment after all. The rental management needs to be treated like a business and you need to think about methods to get the best return on your investment. There are a number of methods that you could use to bring in more interest for your property. Here is our list of ways to make your Cape Cod vacation rental stand out among its competition.

Identify Your Market

The first thing you want to determine when trying to make your Cape Cod vacation rental stand out among its competition is whose attention you are trying to grab. Identifying your market will guide you in how to make your property pop to the people you want to rent to. If you are trying to appeal to a younger audience, you would market your property differently than if you were marketing to families going on vacation. To find out how to market your property to tenants, consult the professionals at Leighton Rentals. They will come to your home and even give you a free Cape Cod rental income analysis.


Above and Beyond

If you are interested in attracting the attention of more tenants, it is important to figure out what they are looking for and take it a step further. If you want to make your Cape Cod vacation property stand out among its competition, you need to figure out what the properties are offering that are similar to yours and make your property even better. Listing your property with a Cape Cod vacation rental agency such as Leighton Rentals can help you in determining what you can do to make your home pop. Check out our blog, “4 Reasons You Should Rent Your Home with a Cape Cod Rental Agency” for more reasons why listing with a vacation rental agency can help you gain more tenants.

Some vacation rental owners will leave brochures to local attractions in their home so that tenants have ideas as to what to do while on the Cape. Other owners leave gift baskets for their guests. Leaving chairs and beach toys can be a nice little surprise for tenants, however if the chairs and toys are stolen or broken this can be disappointing for the next tenants if they are expecting them to be there. It’s always a good idea to stock the kitchen with common cooking tools and some salt and pepper. There’s a fine line between stocking the essentials for your guest and stocking too much, so input from your rental agency is a good idea.


Highlight Your Home’s Best Qualities

You have identified your target audience, now you need to learn how to market to your audience. Determine what about your home will best appeal to this group of people and highlight it in your marketing. If you want your Cape Cod vacation property to stand out among the other properties on the Cape, you need to decide what makes it different from the hundreds of other rentals in the area. A large back deck could be appealing to a number of people, so figure out how you want to market it to your audience.

Take a good look at your property. Is the spacious back deck ideal for family gatherings or barbecues with friends? Is your home within walking distance to the beach? Describing the cable package could also be important to your ideal tenants. Does your tenant want to watch the latest sports event, and will they be able to do so at your home? Pictures of your home’s best qualities are also very important in successfully marketing your property to your audience. Pictures grab attention when potential tenants are searching properties. If they see pictures highlighting your big back deck or the swimming pool they are more likely to read the property description and potentially book.


Marketing Your Vacation Property

Marketing your home successfully and making your Cape Cod vacation property stand out among all of the other vacation listings can be tricky. You want to make sure that your home gets the maximum exposure, but most sites and paper advertisements cost money. How do you know where to spend your money? Here is another instance where working with a Cape Cod rental agency such as Leighton Rentals would be beneficial. Leighton Rentals advertises your property on their website as well as on a variety of different rental websites. Request a copy of the Leighton Rentals Owners Brochure to find out more about their marketing strategies and how Leighton Rentals stands out from the competition.

Make Your Cape Cod Vacation Rental Stand Out

To have a successful vacation rental season, you need to make your Cape Cod vacation rental stand out among all of the competition. In order to make your home pop, determine your audience, market your home, show off the property’s best assets and go above and beyond for your guests. Follow those simple steps, and your home will fill up not only during the busy season, but also the shoulder season!