When you’ve had enough of the beach, but still want to enjoy yourself and have fun, consider Cape Cod’s own inflatable park. This is the perfect place to unleash your wild side while you try out some exciting new experiences. If you are considering a visit to the Inflatable Park, reach out to Leighton Rentals. We offer an assortment of beautiful vacation rentals throughout Cape Cod and can even locate Cape Cod vacation rentals that are convenient to the Inflatable Park so that you and the family can really enjoy your time there.


Inflatable Park

The Cape Cod Inflatable Park is where locals and visitors go when they want to experience water fun beyond the beach. Cape Cod is a great place to be if you love sand and beaches, but sometimes the same experience can get tiring. With the Inflatable Park, you have an assortment of inflatable rides both wet and dry that everyone is sure to enjoy. Kids can go off and enjoy their rides while parents can kick back and relax, as all the rides are diligently monitored by the attentive staff.

For the older kids and adults, there is an engaging interactive zone that has a number of challenging courses to keep everyone entertained. Also, don’t forget to take a ride on the mechanical bull! There are a number of other activities that you’ll enjoy too, including a temporary tattoo stand, a full arcade, a gift shop, and the full-service Shark Bites Cafe.

Challenge Zone

Get ready to get challenged at none other than the Challenge Zone. This event is sponsored by Powerade, and it is the place to be for all adventure seekers. You’ve got seven magnificent, thrill-seeking experiences to partake in. These experiences are known as The Seven Wonders of Cape Cod, and they include:

  • The Free Fall
  • The Tight Rope
  • Drop Zone
  • Crazy Ladder
  • Super Zipline
  • Free Climb
  • Trapeze

Whether you want to experience one or two of these adventure-seeking rides, or you’re very courageous and want to challenge yourself to finish all seven, you’ll enjoy the pure adrenaline rush of pushing yourself to the limit.



When it comes to really experiencing a water park, H2O is where it’s at. This is the newest portion of the park, and it is decked out with lots of fun water activities to keep everyone engaged. Get ready to enjoy all of the following:

  • A lazy river that everyone will enjoy lounging in
  • 4 large inflatable slides and 2 smaller slides for the little ones
  • Lily pad walks at various skill levels
  • Complimentary life jackets & tubes
  • Cabana rentals with private pool access
  • Lounging area with chairs, tables, and umbrellas
  • Lockers rentals, bathrooms, and concessions

Please note that the purchase of a $25 pass is required for entry into H2O (with the exception of babies up to one year old). All individuals 13 and under must be with an adult to enter H2O.

Shark Tank Arcade

Playing in the water is always fun, but sometimes you just want to keep dry. The Shark Tank Arcade offers some major “dry” fun. With more than 50 prizes and ticket games, you’ll get the opportunity to win anything from candy to tablets. You won’t need to make changes because of the convenient prepaid fun cards available. If you are planning an event such as a birthday party, you may be interested in the Park & Arcade Package where your party will be given swipe cards with a designated credit for arcade fun. Some of the fun arcade games include Skee Ball, Big Bass Wheel, NASCAR Racing, and much more! Come on down to the Shark Tank Arcade where there is fun for everyone.

Plan Your Visit

If you plan on visiting Inflatable Park, it is important to secure the best lodging. Leighton Rentals offers a number of Dennis rentals that are conveniently located to all the action. When you are planning your trip, Leighton Rentals can help you select the vacation rental that suits both your lodging and location needs. Just let us know when you plan on visiting and Leighton Rentals will assist with locating the perfect rental for your upcoming fun-filled trip to Cape Cod.