When remodeling your Cape Cod vacation rental property or give it a little refresh, it can be difficult to decide where to start. If your property has carpet, that is a great way to start. Cape Cod during the summer is very humid, which can cause the carpet to smell especially at the end of a busy rental season. All of the moisture from the air, wet and sandy feet coming off the beachwear on your carpet. Unsure whether your home is in need of a remodel? Ask your rentals agent! Your rentals agent sees your competition and can tell you if your property is in need of repair. This is one of the many benefits of working with a Cape Cod rentals agency. For more information check out our blog, “4 Reasons You Should Rent Your Home with a Cape Cod Rental Agency.”

With so many flooring options on the market, it can be difficult to decide on what to replace the carpet within your Cape Cod rental. Should you go with hardwood floors, vinyl, tile, cork, or laminate? Hardwood floors are very expensive and pretty labor intensive. With a limited window of time to install new flooring before the rental season starts up, what should you do? Here are some flooring options to consider when replacing the carpet in your Cape Cod rental.


Cork is an eco-friendly flooring option, and a newcomer to the flooring market. Cork comes from the bark of trees making it a renewable resource. Due to it being a green flooring option, it has recently gained in popularity. Not only is cork a green flooring option, it is also a natural insulator keeping in the warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it the perfect alternative to carpet. Cork is aesthetically pleasing and is also very soft underfoot. Tenants would enjoy this soft and cool flooring option during the hot summer months in your rental. However, since cork has such a soft surface, it might not be the best flooring option if you allow pets in your rental property because it scratches easily.


Concrete is the chameleon of flooring materials. There are stains and other methods that you can use to make concrete flooring look like marble, wood or any color/texture you would like for your home. Concrete floors, like cork floors are an eco friendly option. It does not take a lot of energy to produce concrete, it is made and poured locally, and it does not have an impact on natural resources. Concrete flooring is very easy to keep clean when it is set and sealed properly. Unlike carpet in your Cape Cod rental which holds onto moisture, concrete flooring actually repels moisture and does not hold onto allergens such as pet hair, dust or pollen. This hypoallergetic choice is the ideal flooring of allergy sufferers or if you plan on allowing tenants to bring pets.


Laminate floors are by far the most popular flooring choice for many home owners. This is because laminate is basically a picture of hardwood of any type you would like, attached to particle board. Although it is inexpensive and seems low maintenance, there are some limitations for laminate floors you need to keep in mind before installing them in your Cape Cod rental. Laminate floors are not recommended for high traffic areas or homes with pets as it damages easily. You can not sweep the floor (even if the manufacturer says that it is OK, it is still not recommended), and you must vacuum because brushing dirt and stones across the floor will scratch it. Spills need to be cleaned up quickly, as the liquid will be absorbed into the floor and could cause it to warp.


Linoleum was originally used on ships as flooring during the mid 1800’s because of its durability. This flooring is eco friendly because it is does not emit VOC’s, it is biodegradable when removed from the floor, and it is made from a renewable resource (linseed oil). Home owners enjoy linoleum because it is durable and can last for up to 40 years! Similar to cork, it is soft to walk on, which also can makes it vulnerable to damage if it is not sealed properly. If the linoleum floor is not properly sealed to protect it from tearing and scratches, some damage can be buffed out to restore its original appearance. This can make linoleum floors high maintenance for home owners, but if the floor is sealed after installation, linoleum is a great flooring option if you want to get rid of the carpet in your Cape Cod rental.


When considering tile instead of carpet in your Cape Cod rental, you have a variety of types of tile to choose from. Tile choices include porcelain, stone and ceramic. Porcelain, ceramic and marble tile come in a variety of patterns and shapes so there is something for everyone. There is even tile that resembles hardwood, so you could have the durability of tile with the appearance of hardwood flooring at a fraction of the cost. Stone tile is popular in warm climates as they tend to stay cool regardless of the climate. It withstands heavy traffic, pets and is non porous, so it does not hold onto allergens. However, stone tile can get very slippery when wet and it is very hard if you fall on it. It is also very expensive to purchase and install. Tile flooring is ideal for heavy traffic homes with kids and pets because it is so durable, which is something that needs to be taken into consideration when replacing the carpet in your Cape Cod rental.



Vinyl flooring is very similar to laminate flooring, but it has a much worse reputation. In the past, vinyl floors have been known to emit VOC’s, at least right after it was installed in a home. However, there are some companies that produce vinyl floors that are cleaner than the previous products. Vinyl floors come in sheets, planks or tiles and are relatively easy to install for homeowners looking for a floor they can install themselves. This type of flooring is easy to care for once installed. It is easy to clean and is just as durable as its flooring cousin, the laminate floor. This makes vinyl flooring a great fit if you are looking to replace the carpet in your Cape Cod rental for a durable and easy to clean option instead.

Ditch the Carpet In Your Cape Cod Rental Property

Replacing the carpet in your Cape Cod rental is a great way to give your property a refresh. Not only will removing the carpet improve the look of your property, but it will also remove allergens that are stuck in the carpet making it difficult for allergy sufferers enjoy their time renting your property. You will also notice that the property will smell less musty at the beginning and end of the summer season from being closed up for the winter or weathering a summer of heavy use. You do not need to spend the money on hardwood floors to have beautiful floors in your rental property. New flooring in your rental will bring more money in for your summer rental. Check out the Free Cape Cod Rental Income Analysis on our website to see how your remodel can increase your weekly rate. Our rentals manager can schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your property.