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Ditch Reality Television For Culture Streaming

Binge watching shows and movies can only keep your attention for so long… Sometimes, we’ll even put  on an episode just for background noise. In a time where we’re all stuck inside begging for tasks to keep our mind busy, there are endless possibilities when it comes to live streaming content.

Have you been meaning to plan time to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City? Skip the admission fees and membership costs, and tour it virtually! Many institutions like the ‘MET’ around the world have shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and have tailored their accessibility to fit our quarantine needs. To keep the kids learning, and to switch your brain off of “idle” mode, check out some amazing culture streaming opportunities that global organizations have made available and accessible right from our couches!

Art & Museums

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Washington D.C

  • Take a virtual tour of the current exhibits. You’ll feel like you’re actually walking through the decorated halls by navigating their mapped out floor plans!

Grammy Museum: Los Angeles, CA

  • The recording academy museum is offering at home music education lessons and posting insight from behind the scenes conversations with award winning artists!

Palace of Versailles: Versailles, France

Google Arts Museum Tours

  • Haven’t found an institution you’re looking for? Or maybe you’re looking for a little bit of everything? Google Arts & Culture hosts a virtual tour of Google’s top archived museums around the world!

Aquariums & Zoos

San Diego Zoo

  • 24 Hour live cams available for viewing! Why not hangout with penguins, tigers, pandas, polar bears, and more?!

Cincinnati Zoo

  • The Cincinnatti Zoo wants to help you  keep your kids busy while school’s out! At 3pm ET daily, they will be hosting an at home safari from their Facebook page. Added perk, they’re also providing activities to do at home!

The Georgia Aquarium: Atlanta, Georgia

The Shedd Aquarium: Chicago, IL

  • Now offering Virtual Field Trips of Shedd’s Animal Hospital, penguin & shark exhibits, and of course, a live cam of their underwater beauty exhibit.

Music & More

Metropolitan Opera: New York City

Berlin Philharmonic: Berlin, Germany

  • With a special limited time code, you can check out a bundle of performances online from this orchestra based in Berlin. Consistently ranked in the top handful of orchestras in the world, check out their compelling sound.

‘Sofa King Fest’ (Online Concert Festival):

The White House: Washington, D.C

‘Class Central’ (MOOC: Massive Open Online Courses):

  • Stay interested! Thousands of online classes are listed on this site, including any & all subject matter from universities around the world.

Earth Cam: 

Although self-isolation is not the most ideal situation, this when we can take the time to be introspective and hone our skills! Don’t see a platform or service that is being offered in this article that is helping you pass the days? Write to us at reservations@leightonrealty.com and let us know what you’re #KeepingBusy & #KeepingSmart strategies include!

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