You can’t go far anywhere on Cape Cod without seeing the ocean, the bay, or the sound demanding some of your attention. It is the water access that brings people to Cape Cod from all across the world, and the promise of incredible local seafood, fulfilling sights by the beaches, and the pristine outdoors of the Northeast.

Cape Cod is one of the grandest vacation adventures out there. And while you’re visiting, what could be better than getting out on the water?

Fishing expeditions, from the highly-skilled, long, and technical to the quick and fun, can be found all throughout the region. Depart from a small port and see Cape Cod’s waters the real way.

Where are the best charters? How do you find one that suits your needs? Below is a look at the possible fishing expeditions you can go on as you explore the ins and outs of Cape Cod.


Janine B. Sport Fishing Charters

Captain Wayne Bergeron at Janine B. Sport Fishing Charters has 30 years of fishing charter experience and counting – and it shows.

His team camaraderie and leadership is fantastic, but it is his personable approach to fishing for all ages that really shines. Janine B loves to take families out on approachable adventures where the challenge is just enough to keep things going, but makes sure everyone is having a fantastic time.

Expeditions are a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eight. The charter length will determine where the captain goes and the amount of fishing that can be accommodated in a day. The captain is humble enough to fish by the piers and right off the beaches. He doesn’t need the deep ocean to get a fulfilling day of fishing, and neither do you.

Captain Wayne and his crew push for Striped Bass, Bluefin Tuna, Bluefish, and Groundfish. The fishing season starts in the 4th week of April peaks in the summer and ends soon after Columbus Day weekend. The above-mentioned gamefish are regularly found with the captain and his team.

Monomoy Sportfishing

This Chatham provider is all about the challenge. Captain Darren Saletta is a Yamaha National Fishing Team Pro Guide with extensive experience in the area. He pushes for a light tackle to start the trip and graduates to heavier tackle as the biting demands. The crew will even supply you with all the equipment you need to make sure you don’t just get a bite or two, but you take home a whole cooler full.

Black Sea Bass is the main target for Saletta and his team during the spring, with Striped Bass and
Bluefish during the summer. The challenges are heavy but rewarding. There is no maximum for the day over the minimum of four hours.

The office is at 100 Ryder’s Cove Rd, Chatham, MA 02633.

Capeshores Charters

This charter is a light tackle master. Led by Captain Bruce, Capeshore Charters has a special advantage over other local fishing charters. He has a prime location right off the elbow of Cape Cod, where the cooler water temperatures create intense and excellent waters for fishing. With his specialization, Captain Bruce is able to catch bass and other specialty species late into October.

Find Capeshore Charters located at 54 99-1 Barcliff Ave Extended, Chatham, MA 02633. His dock location has free parking and clean restrooms.

Bass River Charters

Bass River Charters welcomes master anglers and amateurs alike with equal enthusiasm. The team wants nothing more than to share their love of fishing with locals.

As a result of this, they have cultivated a strong rapport with the community. As a new visitor, you will find their deep-sea charters particularly attractive. The crew likes to tackle some of the more overlooked local fish, including cod, pollock, black sea bass, and scup.

The charter office is at 10 Pleasant St, South Yarmouth, MA 02664.

Come Fish With Us

It should come as no surprise that the above is only a small fraction of the possible fishing and boat charters throughout Cape Cod. Whether you primarily want to fish or cruise, go with a small crowd or a big one, head far or stay close to shore, you can shape your fishing adventure needs and desires.

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