Cape Cod is known for its elegance and natural beauty. You can see it all with a vacation rental and a comprehensive natural tour. Below we look at the best tours and rentals in this fine part of the world.


Lighthouse Tours

Once you have booked your vacation home, it’s time to look for family-friendly activities in Cape Cod.

These include charters, romantic sunset cruises, and lighthouse harbor tours. Lighthouses on Cape Cod are a famous landmark of Massachusetts. These often ancient towers are full of mystery and history. Exploring lighthouses might be a physically demanding activity, especially if you plan on climbing the steep and winding stairs all the way to the top. But the view that greets you once you stand up there is worth all the trouble you go through.

The Kennedy Legacy Trail

The Kennedy Family is part of our nation’s history. Over the years JFK and his legacy have acquired a certain nostalgic quality about it. So much so that anything even remotely related to the late president and his family has become an instant attraction. The Kennedy Legacy Trail in downtown Hyannis, Cape Cod is one of those must-see attractions. The trail is compromised of 10 places that were important to the Kennedy Family at one point in time. The self-guided tour is 1.6 miles long and you can take it in any order you prefer. Signs at the locations offer information and links to videos and online articles that shed more light on the history of the trail.

Touring Chatham

Located at the elbow of Cape Cod, Chatham has its unique beauty and mysterious atmosphere which probably the lighthouse has something to do with. Both the Chatham Lighthouse and US Coast Guard Station feature prominently on your tour itinerary. A detour will take you to the bustling Chatham Fish Pier where frolicking seals tend to amuse the tourists with their pranks. Shopping is also on the menu and you can spend some time down Main Str

Provincetown Scenic Tour

You can head up to Provincetown for a lovely day trip to the tip of the cape.

Provincetown is the kind of place you’d like to experience and savor at a leisurely pace. For that, a coach-guided tour that will take you around town sounds like a perfect idea. Halfway through the land tour, you switch to a cruise that takes you for an hour around the harbor. The idea is you get to see the town from two different perspectives. One from the outside enjoying the landscape and architecture, and the other takes you deep inside its historic streets and alleys. Along the way, you get to visit the Kennedy Memorial, Squaw Island, Point Gammon Light, Great Island, and the historic Kennedy Compound.

Vacation Rentals With A Personalized Service

Rentals here are exquisitely luxurious and offer a great experience all across Cape Cod, including Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, and Orleans.

When you look for vacation rentals near Cape Cod, you would want a vacation home that is both luxurious and convenient. Having a great location near all the attractions in town is something that makes the rental in high demand. But what sets the vacation rentals here from other vacation destinations is the personalized service you get.

When you rent a vacation property here you get a team of experienced staff who will go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable and problem-free as they can. This type of service makes you realize that you’re not just getting another vacation rental, but a vacation home that complements your vacation and turns your experience into a truly memorable one. You’ll notice and feel the love and care of the staff who treat you like family.

When you plan your vacation well, you can fill it with fun things in Cape Cod. Both the attractions and the vacation rentals help make this one of the best vacations you can have.