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Rundown shack to avoid when picking your Cape Cod vacation rental

How to Make Sure Your Cape Cod Vacation Property is not a Dud

Whether this is your first time renting a vacation property on Cape Cod or you have done it before but had a bad experience, there are questions you should ask and things that you should do to make sure your Cape Cod vacation property is not a dud. Read more

Friends toasting with drinks after purchasing a Cape Cod vacation rental property

How to Buy a Cape Cod Vacation Home with Family or Friends

If the idea of owning your very own Cape Cod vacation home with family or friends to share the cost and responsibility is appealing but you're worried about the potential problems that may pop up when co-owning a property, you are not alone. Find out how you can own your very piece of Cape Cod and buy a Cape Cod vacation home with family or friends without the worry by following these simple guidelines. Read more