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Stay at home Cape Cod

Keep Yourself Busy at Home!

After the allure of the New Year is over, we are quickly struck with the Spring season. Only a few months in, 2020 is bringing all sorts of firsts. Normally Spring means cold & flu season, as well as spring... Read more

Beach with boats to wind sail ready for launch

Buying a Rental Property on Cape Cod? 4 Things to Consider.

To be successful as a landlord, there are certain things that you need to consider when buying a rental proporty Cape Cod. Here are our tips to consider for a successful season and many more to come! Read more

Friends toasting with drinks after purchasing a Cape Cod vacation rental property

How to Buy a Cape Cod Vacation Home with Family or Friends

If the idea of owning your very own Cape Cod vacation home with family or friends to share the cost and responsibility is appealing but you're worried about the potential problems that may pop up when co-owning a property, you are not alone. Find out how you can own your very piece of Cape Cod and buy a Cape Cod vacation home with family or friends without the worry by following these simple guidelines. Read more