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How to Instantly Improve Curb Appeal w/ These Cape Cod Garden Must-Haves

… And it’s time to garden, finally! We’re now seeing the weather that we’ve dreamed about for four months and it feels amazing. It’s time to get outside and revive our flower beds from hibernation. With winter finally behind us,... Read more

Golf Courses on Cape Cod

Tis’ the time of the year that so many Cape Codders have been waiting for. As we slowly make our way back to normalcy, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and starting today, May 8th,... Read more

Seasonal Restaurant Openings on Cape Cod

Although most events of this summer have been called off, like the Cape Cod Baseball League, Annual Figawi Boat Race, OysterFest, and Citizens Bank “Pops By The Sea”, COVID-19 can’t stop the summer season from arriving on Cape Cod. With... Read more

Interior Design Basics For Your Cape Cod Home

Interior Design is a phrase that morphs definition depending on the context. For most, these ideas are influenced by our favorite HGTV shows. We each have our own unique taste and strategies when it comes to making our house a... Read more

Cape Cod Outdoor Activities

Cape Cod Outdoor Activities

It was a long winter and is starting to feel like an even longer Spring. While the stay-at-home order is still in place, there are still a number of activities, right here on Cape Cod to help you get out... Read more

Cape Cod Rental Owner Must Read

A Cape Cod Rental Owner Must-Read

As a rental coordinator on Cape Cod, I’ve handled the incoming calls of many tenants excited for their summer getaways. I’ve also handled these same tenants checking out… and let me start by telling you, their demeanor when leaving is... Read more

Cape Cod Hidden Locations

10 Hidden Spots on Cape Cod

Spring time on Cape Cod is when the sun sporadically decides to come out, mixed in with the rainy and gloomy days. With that said, when we finally see the sun poke out, we have to jump on any opportunity... Read more

Culture Streaming Cape Cod

Ditch Reality Television For Culture Streaming

Binge watching shows and movies can only keep your attention for so long… Sometimes, we’ll even put  on an episode just for background noise. In a time where we’re all stuck inside begging for tasks to keep our mind busy,... Read more

Stay at home Cape Cod

Keep Yourself Busy at Home!

After the allure of the New Year is over, we are quickly struck with the Spring season. Only a few months in, 2020 is bringing all sorts of firsts. Normally Spring means cold & flu season, as well as spring... Read more

Beach with boats to wind sail ready for launch

Buying a Rental Property on Cape Cod? 4 Things to Consider.

To be successful as a landlord, there are certain things that you need to consider when buying a rental proporty Cape Cod. Here are our tips to consider for a successful season and many more to come! Read more